Vampire: The Requiem

Dark Days in the Big Easy

Chapter 1: The Blacksmith Shop Brawl

In the city of the New Orleans, the French Quarter is always abuzz with activity.  Lefitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar is no different, though the people it covets are often not wanting to be found or seen.  On a cool Friday evening the bar was only occupied by a little over a dozen patrons, including an entrepreneur named Alonzo Williams, a student named Sofia Defontaines, a retired soldier by the name of Caleb Miller, and an off-duty New Orleans Police Detective named Ethan Saito.  The evening began quietly enough, drinks being had through various ends of the bar and everyone keeping to themselves relatively well.

Suddenly, two of the patrons began a fight which started to inadvertently bring in attention from both Ethan and Caleb who attempted to stop the fight before it could escalate.  Despite their efforts, a full-fledged brawl ensued, drawing the attention of the crowds outside and isolating the Blacksmith Shop Bar, including a well dressed mysterious figure who appeared to garner great interest in those involved with the brawl.  This fascination, as well as pure luck, allowed one of the instigators of the brawl to escape out the rear entrance.

The brawl further escalated, gunshots scattering some of the fighters to the walls.  Ethan would manage to place the other instigator in handcuffs while the other was thrown out the rear door by Caleb, though this would only further complicate matters.  The brawl stopped immediately as everyone looked on in disbelief at the bloodied corpse of the escaped instigator in view, skewered to a wall with thirty knives.

The night would take an even stranger, and darker turn, as a mysterious group wearing New Orleans Police Gear entered the bar suddenly using powers that would seem to freeze everyone in a sheer fit of terror and causing them to black out.

When they awoke, Caleb, Ethan, Sofia and Alonzo all found themselves together in a very fancy room they would later identify as being one of the many mansion houses in the Gentilly district.  They were greeted by the well dressed onlooker who immediately bore news of grave danger being upon them from forces they knew nothing of.  He offered a way to protect them, one that would change their lives forever.

Reluctantly agreeing, the four began a journey into the world of the Kindred.


Rhyder Rhyder

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